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D Debt Point provides customers with access to custom programs that provide an optimal solution to lower what they are spending, deal with creditors, and resolve debts in the shortest time possible. Unlike most other companies, we are not a "one size fits all" solution. Some clients will benefit from debt negotiation in which accounts are negotiated down for significantly LESS than what is owed. Plans are customized for your unique situation and typically estimated between 24-48 months, depending on your budget. We also help you determine a monthly settlement savings plan that you can afford.

Upon successful completion of these types of programs, resolved accounts will be SETTLED IN FULL, meaning you owe absolutely nothing more on those accounts. The creditors are required to report settled accounts satisfied and with a "0" balance on your credit report, which helps your debt to income ratio and eliminates the accounts reporting as outstanding debt. One of the most important aspects of your credit report is your "debt to high credit ratio" as too much outstanding debt can actually be very detrimental to your credit report. If you currently have accounts that are "maxed out" then your credit profile impacted by this.

If you are struggling, find out what program is right for you by giving one of our friendly debt consultants a call. You may also use the contact form or email us and one of our debt specialist will contact you to discuss your specific situation at no cost or obligation.


Typical Steps Of A Debt Negotiation Program

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Step-by-Step Overview

  • Step 1: Free Consultation


    Call or e-mail us for a free consultation. We will assess your financial situation, explore your options and estimate your potential savings.

  • Step 2: Work with Consultant


    If you are qualified for debt negotiation, we will help you to determine a comfortable monthly amount to save toward negotiated settlements.  This amount is typically significantly less than your current minimum payments.  All program fees are included in this payment and the amount saved is used for settling accounts at a reduced amount (currently your minimum payments cover mostly just interest).  These funds are saved every month in a new special purpose account which you control.

  • Step 3: Enroll


    Once you enroll you must close all accounts that are being negotiated and you are requested to avoid using credit cards while in the program.  The program will not work if you make monthly payments to your creditors while enrolled.

  • Step 4: Negotiations


    Your creditors are negotiated and settled individually.  Negotiations attempt to reduce the debts as low as possible.  Your provider will update you about the progress and after an account is settled, and will receive a "Good News" notification providing details of the settlement.

  • Step 5: Graduation


    After a settlement, your creditors are required to report to the credit rating bureaus that your accounts are satisfied with a "0" balance. Upon graduation, your provider will send you a graduation packet which includes copies of all settlements from the creditors and you will be provided information on how to review and update your credit reports for free.† Congratulations, this is a major turning point in your life!

After the Program:

Let us know if you are interested in credit report monitoring, investing, or financial services products - we can likely put you in touch with a reputable provider to assist you. We want you to live life without bad types of debt and start a path to building wealth. Remember, wealthy people earn interest while most others pay interest.

Estimates are based on prior results. We do not assume consumer debt, make monthly payments to creditors, provide tax or legal advice or credit repair services. Read and understand all program terms prior to enrollment including potential tax consequences. Failing to make monthly payments to creditors may result in an adverse credit rating impact, increased interest rates and fees added to balance owed and increased collection efforts including potential legal action by creditors. We do not guarantee that your debts will be lowered by a specific amount or that you will be debt free within a specific time. Individual results vary and not all clients successfully complete programs due to individual circumstances and ability to save sufficient funds. Not all creditors may negotiate or provide settlement offers and full program participation is required. "Live Debt Free" refers to our company belief that consumers should live without debt and does not imply any guarantee. Services not available in all states.